Tremaine Jones

Tremaine Jones is project director for the Freedom Fund’s bail out and HIV programs. He has over 12 years of experience advocating on social justice issues in the South and worked on campaigns to curb the criminalization of youth of color, provide LGBTQ-inclusive programming at homeless shelters and facilitate leadership courses for young adults. Most recently Tremaine provided HIV prevention education and counseling at Pridelines. He started the first inter-generational HIV conference in South Florida and created a strength-based case management program to support people living with HIV. He is a Point Foundation Scholar and is pursuing a degree in Public Administration. He recently completed the Maven Leadership Collective, a program for Queer and Transgender people of color and their allies.

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Check out this    VQ magazine article

Check out this VQ magazine article

Scott Greenberg

Scott Greenberg is the executive director of the Freedom Fund. He is co-founder of the Connecticut Bail Fund and formerly a program manager at Transitions Clinic at Yale University, where he studied the intersection of mass incarceration and health. Previously he worked as a research associate at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law and graduated from Vassar College in 2012. Scott has written for publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald, Health Affairs and Village Voice.

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Gabby Mahabeer

Gabby Mahabeer is an intern at the Freedom Fund. She is a student at the University of Chicago where she is majoring in Psychology and Anthropology. Gabby is interested in research exploring the intersections of Blackness, sexuality, and media and how those intersections affect the psyches and actions of modern youth. Other than research, her interests include creative writing, gender studies, and meditation.

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